BAYSWAN (Bay Area Sex Worker Advocacy Network) Presents

The Story of

The People (actually the government) vs.Starchild

This website is under construction but will feature more info, interviews and details.

About the Trial

SWOP-USA Press Release #1-Budget Crisis City Prosecutes Million Dollar "Male Escort" Case: Fremont Conducts Inter-County Bedroom Sting

SWOP-USA Press Release #2: Alameda Co. Pays 8 Officers (and one dog) Overtime to Bring Starchild to Fremont for An Attempted Prostitution Sting

Newspaper articles about Starchild

Hot Pants and Small Government
Colorful SF State alum aims for school board seat

And that ballot is going to say 'escort/exotic dancer'

Candidate fights solicitation charge

Attorney Erica Franklin with Starchild

Read the 2003 Supreme Court Decision: Lawrence vs. Texas


Watch The Video of the Street Theater Protest:Sorry Your Grandma Was Mugged, But I Was Busy Arresting a Hooker!

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