Whore College
P.O. Box 210256,San Francisco, CA 94121

Dean of Academic Studies:
Carol Leigh

Unrepentant Whore:
Collected Works of Scarlot Harlot


Welcome to Whore College

Although the campus pictured above would be a lovely academic environment to study issues and implications of commercial sex, sex workers and the history of prostitution and other erotic services, in fact Whore College campus has been located at an art gallery, the Epicenter Gallery in San Francisco.

Below are links which describe former classes and presentations as well as future presentations.

  • Seminars in Art and Culture presented by Whore College in January 2005

  • Whore College May 2005 ( in conjunction with San Francisco Sex Worker Film and Arts Festival)
  • Whore College: Recommended Reading List

  • Media Reports about Whore College

  • Sex Workers Rights and The Law: Bad Legislation


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