San Francisco's 4th Sex Worker
Film and Arts Festival  presents

The Debbys

direct from Australia

The Debbys Do the SF Sex Worker Festival

Art Opening and Festival Opening Party
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Sunday, May 1st 7-10 PM
Epicenter Gallery, 398 11th Street (near Harrison), #303, San Francisco

Benefit for St. James Infirmary, Ticket Price: $10, $20 or $100

Debby Disintegrated
She’s negotiated with the client and is about to do a job. Her thoughts however slip into another place for a moment – and Disintegrated Debby is left wondering how she can survive in this anti-sex work society. She finds an ingenious and very physical approach to her dilemma.

Debby doesn’t do it for free, contradicts the mainstream media run of Sex work sleaze. The sex worker voice, too long lost in layers of misinformation, is freed from the transparent depictions of dark street scenes, blacked out faces and voiceless figures.


Debby Doesn’t Do It For Free
Performance & Films

US and Canadian audiences have a one off chance to experience this complex, colourful, Pro-whore documentation of sex worker experiences. Film, performance, song, soundscape, poetry, fanzines, satire, installation, and workshops offer up a confronting, collective voice as sex worker autonomous organising takes over the gallery, stage and screen. You will find no Pretty Woman amongst the Debby’s.
“It has been a glimpse into the unseen reality of sex workers lives and jobs,” Debby Debutante said today. “We have been inspired by our Thai, Indian and US sisters and are now taking Australian Whore Pride to the world; Debby style.”

The Debbys, are now a large group of sex worker activist, artist, performers and film makers who have taken on ‘Debby’ names, in true whore style. Through this use of pseudonyms Debby artist maintain a level of anonymity and ensure disclosure is on their terms. So those so those who cannot be ‘out’ as sex workers will still have their voices heard. Debby Daredevil, Decriminalise Debby, Debby Don’t Take It Lying Down, Debby Attenborough and Debby Diamante Dildo Harness have all made an appearance during the Debby exhibitions and performances. In total over 30 sex worker artists have shown and performed with the Debbys, with a support team of 10 sex workers behind the scenes. Female, Male and Transgender sex workers have participated to the critical acclaim of the festival circuit in Australia.
Following controversy and popularity at the Perth Artrage Festival in 2002, a controversial season at Feast in Adelaide 2003, sell-out performance at Mardi Gras 2004, international acclaim in Bangkok for the World Aids Conference and finally a place at the Imperial Hotel in Sydney (home to many acclaimed queer performance artists in Oz) the Debby’s are descending upon the US and Canada for a 4 week tour including the San Fran Sex Worker Film Fest and the tenth anniversary of STELLA, Montreals’ sex worker organisation. At the San Fran Sex Worker Film Festival, Debby films and performances will litter the program and you can meet some of the Debbys performing Mr Big Pants, Olympic Whore, I love hockin’ my hole, Nurse Whore-see and Loose Lips Lisa.

Pro-whore paraphernalia can be purchased on site.

“The worlds oldest profession is also the most stigmatised, which makes it pretty hard to get your voice heard if you’re a sex worker with something to say. But a group of women working in the sex industry in Australia have come up with a pretty good way of getting their message across while still holding onto their anonymity., they call themselves ‘Debby”…as well as being sex workers these women are activists, artists and performers.” Vicky Kerrigan, The Deep End, ABC Radio National 24 January 2004

“Debby Disturbance works by the name FiFi. Tonight she’s broken a buckle on her platforms again. Clients prefer stilletos, but few Debby’s conform. If you are going to be tall, you may as well have height to surface ratio in your favour.” SLIT, Sydney, February 2004

“Going ‘public’ for the first time, some of the artists go as far as baring their souls through autobiographical artwork… an effort to dispel the myths and encourage debate about this almost taboo subject.” Emma Leask ‘Perth Woman’ December 2002

“If you take a look at how sex workers are represented in the media, they often are seen as either victims of their own trade, a pain in the arse for law makers to deal with, and frequently the butt of jokes. Well a bunch of artists who are also sex workers have joined forces to try and break down some of the myths about their lives as sex workers. In the exhibition and performance, which is called “Debby Doesn’t Do It For Free”, each artist is called Debby in the same way pseudonyms are used in the sex industry.” Mornings with Mel, Triple J 20th February 2004

“We invited The Debbys here to help us celebrate International Whores Day in Adelaide, drawing attention to both the amazing history and future of sex worker activism and artistic expression. International Whores Day has a rich history, starting in 1975 when a group of sex workers staged a sit in at a Church in Lyon in France, to protest the discrimination against sex workers. Today, in Australia, we have a strong and talented sex worker voice and the Debbys are an important contribution to that.”,” Jenni Gamble, spokesperson for the Sex Industry Network in South Australia June 2nd 2004

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