San Francisco's 4th Sex Worker
Film and Arts Festival  presents

Sister Kitty Catalyst
Mistress of Ceremonies, Opening Party/Art Exhibit
Sunday, May 1st, 7-10 PM
Epicenter Gallery, 398 11th Street, #303 (near Harrison)


Sister Kitty Catalyst O.C.P. (of the Catnip Patch) has been a threat to the status quo in San Francisco
since 1993. A self-professed femme-nazi and homo-propagandist, she has been bending gender on the front lines to diverse audiences in the Bay Area and beyond.

Co-founder and creative director of the Sister Sock Show, BLOW (Beautiful Lips On Whistles, using a safety whistle as a symbol to confront hate crimes CAMPaign) and Co-director of the SF AIDS Candlelight Vigil. She also helped organize and transform San Francisco's largest underground party, Pink Saturday, from a "non-event" (yuck) into a street partay which now raises thousands for queer charities. Continues to organize and produce alternative and counter-culture events while putting the pagan into propaganda.

- = Putting the pagan into propaganda & the art into parties = -

Beautiful Lips On Whistles - Beautiful Lips On Whistles is a grassroots campaign using the safety whistle as a symbol of empowerment against hate crimes. Hate is taught with ideas of intolerance and escalate into violence based on religious and moral high grounds. Education stops hate. Do your part.


For further info on this event, email or call 415-751-1659