Prepare yourself for the All Week Sex Worker with Bike Smut Friday May 17, Oakland

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All event locations (Roxie Theater, Center for Sex and Culture, Hospitality House and CAL PEP) are ADA accessible with two exceptions. 1) The Faithful Fools space at 234 Hyde Street, which is the venue for Wednesday, May 22: Anti-Trafficking and The Carceral State is only partially accessible, with a chair lift provided. 2) Friday, May 24th for the Whorrific Popcorn Bus and Cabaret, the Cabaret from 7-9 PM is accessible, but the 9:30 PM Popcorn Theater Bus is not accessible.Please contact us for further information

Sponsored by: San Francisco Bay Times; San Francisco Bay Guardian; National Queer Arts Festival; San Francisco Transgender Film Festival; Media Alliance; The St. James Infirmary; Good Vibrations; Sex Worker Media Library; Center for Sex & Culture; Solace SF; Fatso; David Bigeleisen; Toys in Babeland; Vixen Creations; the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Inc.