Critiques of Swedish Prostitution Law

In 1999 the Swedish Government criminalized the purchase of sexual services. This law has received much attention internationally, and the effects of this law have been debated in numerous contexts. While the Swedish government touts the success of this law, critics point to hypocrisies in these claims and to the conditions for prostitutes in Sweden. This site provides links to these critiques, and includes the actual text of most prostitution laws that affect prostitutes in Sweden as well as reports by the Swedish government. Please contact us if you have additional links to recommend.

New Articles, Papers, etc.

Helsinki Times- Finland's Prostitution Laws Strike Delicate Balance 3/4/2010 (Download PDF)

The Swedish Sex Purchase Act: Claimed Success and Documented Effects
by Susanne Dodillet and Petra Östergren 3/4/2011 (Download PDF)

Swedish Sex Workers Organization

Sex Worker Rights Perspectives on Swedish Prostitution Laws

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Media Reports and Critiques

Abolitionist Influences on Prostitution Criminalization