Television Show
'Street Wise'
(not in production, but tapes available!)

Street Wise, a Margo St. James/COYOTE production, announced today, that it has successfully completed programming in San Francisco, formerly airing on prime time TV, at 9:30PM, Tuesday nights on TCI Cable, Channel 53 in San Francisco.

Street Wise is a COYOTE volunteer produced talk show delving into hot social issues, ranging from sex to politics and everything between. Guests have included San Francisco Homicide Detective Vince Ripetto, on the topic of serial killers of prostitutes, domestic violence and San Francisco's controversial 'School for Johns'. Supervisor Tom Ammiano, another recent guest on Street Wise, said that the show is a vital part of San Francisco's alternative media, providing a broad range of viewpoints on important issues about the 'streets' of San Francisco.

COYOTE members founded Street Wise and serve as crew for the show. Guest hosts of Street Wise are, sex educator and writer, Carol Queen, union organizer and activist, Maria Abadesco and founder of COYOTE, our own, Margo St. James.

At the show's inception, Street Wise filled a media void providing a medium for San Francisco Supervisor candidates to vocalize their opinions on issues of concern to the City. Supervisors Micheal Yaki and Leland Yee appeared with fellow Supervisorial candidates to discuss such issues as Access to Health Care, and local effects of Federal Immigration Policy reforms. In addition, Street Wise has featured such guests as founder of the Cannabis Buyers Club, Dennis Peron, publisher of The Spectator, Kat Sunlove, and the principal organizers of the Exotic Dancers Alliance, whose work resulted in the unionization of dancers at local strip club, the Lusty Lady.

Viewer discretion is advised. As Margo St. James says, "We tell it like it is on Street Wise".

Contact: Carol Leigh

Box 210256
San Francisco, CA 94121
(415) 751-1659

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