San Francisco Task Force on Prostitution
Final Report 1996

Index of Resources: M-Z

Maggie's, Toronto Prostitutes' Community Service Project, "Police Response to Violence Against Prostitutes," As submitted to Toronto Metropolitan Police Force, September 25, 1992. (Task Force Resource Exhibits)

Marine, Craig ,"Streets of Their Dreams, Surrounded by Madness," San Francisco Examiner, 20 February 1994. Article about drug users in the Haight Ashbury, recovery issues, and more. (Task Force Resource Exhibits)

Massage Parlor Licensing. The Crookedest Game of All: Stud Poke Her by Margo St. James. (Final Report: Testimony)

Massage parlor permits. (Task Force Resource Exhibits: Interim Report)

Matheson, Angela , "Trafficking in Asian Sex Workers," Pegusus Conference, Greenleft News. Human rights, sex workers' rights and asylum is discussed in this 1994 article about trafficking to Australia. (Task Force Resource Exhibits)

Max, Arthur, "Tribes in India Lives by Prostitution," AP article describing sex work based economy of Indian Village. March 1994. (Task Force Resource Exhibits)

Mayer, Cynthia "Agency Helps Prostitutes As They Make A New Start," Gauntlet, Issue #7, 1994. pp. 48-52 Article about PRIDE, a prostitution rescue and recovery agency in Minneapolis. (Task Force Resource Exhibits)

McWilliams, Peter, "Crimes and Misdemeanors-Consensual Offenses in a Free Society," Chicago Tribune Magazine, October 17, 1993. Discusses issues raised in the recent best seller which concerns laws and enforcement re: victimless crimes, Ain't Nobody's Business. (Task Force Resource Exhibits)

Memo of Understanding between the Police and Health Department- Memo regarding condom confiscation and harassment of sex workers in relationship to condoms. (Task Force Resource Exhibits: Interim Report)

Miller, Heather G. , Turner, Charles F. and Moses, Lincoln E., (eds.), AIDS, The Second Decade. (Washington: National Academy Press, 1990. ) See "Interventions for Female Prostitutes," pp. 253-288. Discusses risks, patterns of prostitution, AIDS related legislation, and includes an extensive bibliography published. (Task Force Resource Exhibits: Interim Report)

Mission Community Forum- Includes reports and minutes from neighborhood forum was presented at Horace Mann Middle School on June 15, 1994. The forum was hosted by the Mayor's Mission Task Force on Public Safety through Ethel Newlin, and by the Task Force Neighborhood Issues committee through Ron Norlin. (Task Force Resource Exhibits: Interim Report)

Mullen, Kevin, "When Prostitution was Semi- Legal in Frisco," San Francisco Examiner, December 29, 1993. (Final Report: Appendix D:History)

Murray, Alison & Robinson, Tess, "Minding Your Peers and Queers," National AIDS Bulletin , May 1994:9-11, presented at conference 'HIV, AIDS and Society' at Macquarie University, Australia. Issues in peer-outreach from a sex worker perspective, specifically stressing cross cultural issues and diverse populations. (Final report: Health, Safety and Services Exhibits)

Meyer, Carlin, "Decriminalizing Prostitution: Liberation or Dehumanization?" Cardoza Women's Law Journal, Vol.I:105, 1993.

National Task Force on Prostitution Bibliography, compiled by Priscilla Alexander, highlights books by and about sex workers including comprehensive list of sources about prostitution in both industrialized and developing countries, as well as the history of prostitute-focused STD control efforts, published since the seventies. (10 pages) 1994. (Task Force Resource Exhibits)

Neighborhood/Merchant's Association Questionnaire- This exhibit is a preliminary introduction to the questionnaire distributed through Neighborhood groups to Polk Street neighborhood and Mission Neighborhood residents. (Task Force Resource Exhibits: Interim Report)

Notes from Report by Dr. Robert Gorter, Amsterdam- Dr. Gorter, a Dutch Physician currently on leave from San Francisco General Hospital, and a resident of Berlin Germany has treated diverse prostitutes in Amsterdam (and other cities) for many years. He reports on a range of subjects including, public attitudes concerning prostitution, safe sex practices, migration patterns and prostitutes' self-help groups. (Task Force Resource Exhibits: Interim Report)

"Number of African American Inmate in SF JAIL Passes 1,000 Mark," Sheriff's Department Report and Statistics, July 1993. (Final report: Law and Enforcement Exhibits)

O'Leary, Ann and Loretta Sweet Jemmott,, Women and AIDS: The Emerging Epidemic. New York: Plenum Publishing Corp. "Female Sex Workers: Scapegoats in the AIDS Epidemic" Cohen, Judith Black and Priscilla Alexander. 1995 (Final report: Health, Safety and Services Exhibits)

Paone, Denise and Wendy Chavkin, "Decreasing HIV Disease Among Women Drug Users," Chemical Dependency Institute, Beth Israel Medical Center, 1992. (Final report: Health, Safety and Services Exhibits)

Pearl, Julie, "The Highest Paying Customers: America's Cities and the Costs of Prostitution Control," Hastings Law Journal, April 1987, pp. X-Y. Outlines costs of prostitution control in 16 major cities including San Francisco. (Task Force Resource Exhibits)

Perspectives on Street Prostitution in the Neighborhoods- This section contains submissions by committee members describing issues from diverse perspectives regarding perceptions, community representation, committee process and problem solving strategies. (Task Force Resource Exhibits: Interim Report)

Pheterson, Gail "Not Repeating History," Vindication of The Rights of Whores, , Seattle: The Seal Press, 1989. A history of anti-prostitution activism in the women's movement. (Task Force Resource Exhibits)

Pheterson, Gail, "Right to Asylum, Migration and Prostitution," Unpublished paper 1995. (Task Force Resource Exhibits)

"Police Abuse of Prostitutes and Office of Citizen Complaints Reform," Documents submitted by Carol Leigh (Coalition on Prostitution) at Supervisor Tom Ammiano's OCC reform hearings- contains abuse reports and recommendation to reduce verbal and physical abuse of prostitutes by police. (Final Report: Law and Enforcement Exhibits)

Polk Street Merchant's Association Forum: Minutes from Polk Street Merchants meeting on July 21, 1994. Organized by committee member Gary Zodrow, Task Force members Jean-Paul Samaha and Celia McGuiness made short presentations. (Task Force Resource Exhibits: Interim Report)

Prince, Diana, "A Psychological Profile of Prostitutes in California and Nevada," (San Diego: United States International University March 1986) PhD dissertation. (Final Report: Health Safety and Services Exhibits)

"Prostitutes and Communities" This report by Gloria Lockett, Executive Director of CAL PEP, a prevention education outreach agency providing services mostly within African American communities, as well as a former prostitute, presents her perspective and experiences in the context of neighborhood issues. (Task Force Resource Exhibits: Interim Report)

"Prostitutes operate co-operative Escort Agency in Amsterdam," Reuters- Amsterdam- SF Chronicle 6-24-92 (Task Force Resource Exhibits)

"Prostitution Act of 1992," Australian Capital Territory. Model Prostitution law from Australia addresses such issues as forced prostitution, working conditions, condom use, etc, in a relatively decriminalized structure. (Final Report: Law and Enforcement Exhibits)

"Prostitution on The Wire Newsletter "Vol. 1 May 1994- Contains prostitution related stories on numerous international newswire services, compiled for the Task Force. Included stories spotlighting contemporary perspectives including child prostitution, murder of prostitutes, and suit by prostitute against escort agency. (7 pages) 1994. (Task Force Resource Exhibits)

"Prostitution-Soliciting For Change," The New Internationalist, no. 252, February 1994. Includes articles by prostitutes, advocates for prostitutes rights and stories about prostitution in Brazil, Manila, Holland, New Zealand, including a piece by Nickie Roberts (author of Whores and History: Prostitution in Western Society. London: HarperCollins, 1992.) Also includes a chart of prostitution laws and enforcement practices in 15 countries around the world. (Task Force Resource Exhibits)

"Questions and Answers on PHS Guidelines for HIV Counseling and Voluntary Testing for Pregnant Women"., CDC and Prevention, HIV/AIDS Prevention, July 1995. (Final report: Health, Safety and Services Exhibits)

"Registration, Mandatory Testing, and Health Certificates: The Record " by Guest Speaker, Priscilla Alexander (Consultant, World Health Organization). (Final Report: Law and Enforcement Exhibits)

"Repeal of Mandatory Minimum Jail Sentence in Solicitation Cases, " Adopted by the San Francisco Bar Association 1994. (Final Report: Law and Enforcement Exhibits)

Report on Adult Prostitution in Portland, City Club of Portland, 1984. (Task Force Resource Exhibits: Interim Report)

Report re: Prostitution laws and conditions in Germany , by guest speaker, German Parliament member, Christina Schenk. (Carol Leigh) (Task Force Resource Exhibits: Interim Report)

Report re: Yvonne Dotson v. Yee, September 1995, prepared by Attorney Fanja Davis offering recommendations for policy changes regarding police misconduct. In accordance with an agreement and a settlement for $85,000 from the city, Dotson submitted these recommendations to be considered by the Chief of Police. (Final Report: Law and Enforcement Exhibits)

"Research Study of Prostitutes," San Francisco Examiner, April 16,1995. (Final report: Health, Safety and Services Exhibits)

"Resolution for Decriminalization of Prostitution Regarding Immigrant Issues," submitted by Asian AIDS Project. (Final Report: Law and Enforcement Exhibits)

"Resources For Substance Abusers," Resource list, Perinatal Services-Department of Public Health, 1993.

Rubin, "Gayle , Thinking Sex: Notes for a Radical Theory of the Politics of Sexuality," Anthology (?) 1985. Rubin chronicles parallel development and enforcement of laws prohibiting homosexuality and prostitution. (Task Force Resource Exhibits)

San Francisco AIDS Foundation Women's Program- Needs Assessment, San Francisco Outreach Agencies and Resources. (Final Report: Health, Safety and Services Exhibits)

Schimmel, Jerry F. , "The Parisian Mansion and Frisco's forgotten resorts of ill-repute," SF Examiner, December 26, 1994. A short overview of trends in prostitution in San Francisco in the 19th and early 20th centuries. (Final Report: History)

Scott, Valerie, "Politicians discuss zone of tolerance," Stilletto (Toronto, 1990) p. 3. Toronto City councilor proposes a red light district and/or zone of tolerance, based on ongoing discussion between prostitutes, neighborhood residents and police. (Task Force Resource Exhibits)

Self-Help and Advocacy Projects and Resources -A list of national and international self-help and advocacy resources for prostitutes, educators and researchers. (Task Force Resource Exhibits: Interim Report)

Sex Trade Workers in Custody . San Francisco Pretrial Diversion Project: Task Force Reports, (Task Force Resource Exhibits: Interim Report)

Sex Worker's Questionnaire- (in progress)- The sex worker's survey is submitted as a work-in-progress. Subcommittee member Gloria Lockett, CAL PEP director will volunteer her services for distribution and information gathering among street workers. (Task Force Resource Exhibits: Interim Report)

"Sex Workers: Their Lives and Risks", New Jersey Women AIDS Network, October 1993, Vol. 3/No. 2-3, page 5. (Final report: Health, Safety and Services Exhibits)

Silbert , Mimi H. & Pines, Ayala M. , "Entrance Into Prostitution," Youth & Society, 1982, 20 pages (pp. 471-492). Report on study of juvenile (and some adult) street prostitutes regarding reasons for entry into prostitution. (Task Force Resource Exhibits)

Siriporn, Skrobanek, "Exotic, Subservient, and Trapped: Confronting Prostitution and Traffic in Women in Southeast Asia." 1992. Discusses relationship of prostitution to migration, sex tourism, trafficking in Thailand, describes recent events of protest surrounding sex tourism. (Task Force Resource Exhibits)

Sorge, Rod., , "Harm Reduction: A New Approach to Drug Services", Health/PAC Bulletin, Winter 1991, pages 70-99. (Final report: Health, Safety and Services Exhibits)

Sprague, Stephanie, "The House Where Prostitutes Hang Their Hearts," Reuters article describing Chicago's Genesis House, a residential recovery program for prostitutes. (Task Force Resource Exhibits)

St. Blaise, Vic, "Issues For Male Sex Workers," position paper submitted by St. Blaise (SF Prostitution Task Force male sex worker representative). (Final Report: Task Force Testimony)

St. Blaise, Vic, "The Financial Impact of Prostitution in San Francisco- a sex worker's point of view," Report of survey conducted by Task Force representative. Designed as a jumping off point for discussion and investigation of the issues of money generated by sex work, this survey examines income and spending habits of a sample of Bay Area prostitutes. (Final Report: Task Force Testimony)

St. Blaise, Vic, "Open Your Golden Gates-Why We Need Prostitution In San Francisco," position paper submitted by St. Blaise (SF Prostitution Task Force male sex worker representative). (Final Report: Minority Opions)

State Laws Authorizing/Mandating HIV Testing For Prostitutes, Sex Offenders, Intergovernmental Health Policy Project, AIDS Policy Center The George Washington University 1995. (Task Force Resource Exhibits)

Statutes and Municipal Police Code ordinances relating to prostitution, and an analysis of the elements required to establish violations of those statutes. (Final Report: Law and Enforcement Exhibits)

Statutes relating to prostitution, including relevant portions of the California Constitution, Civil Code, Education Code, Health and Safety Code, Vehicle Code and Welfare and Institutions Code. (Task Force Resource Exhibits: Interim Report)

Stepanian, Michael, "Minority Opinion" by Task Force member recommends zoning to regulate prostitution in San Francisco. (Final Report: Minority Opinions)

Stern, L. Synn, "Self Injection Education For Street Level Sex Workers," The Reduction of Drug Related Harm, London: Routledge Press, 1992. (Task Force Resource Exhibits)

Stern, L. Synn, "Tricks of The Trade: Reducing The Risks For Sex Workers," Mersey Training and Information Centre, Liverpool with DV8 Research, Training and Development, The Netherlands, 1994.

Substance Abuse Services in San Francisco, Prepared by Perinatal Services-Department of Public Health.1993. (Final report :Health, Safety and Services Exhibits)

Tanana, Tom, "Police Entrapment: A Working Manual for The Working Woman," 1994. A thorough legal guide that analyses the basis for an entrapment defense against prostitution laws. Includes -Standards of Entrapment, Procedural Aspects, Police Involvement with Solicitation, Effect on The Police, Related Defenses. (Task Force Resource Exhibits)

"The Nairobi Forward-Looking Strategies for the Advancement of Women, " As Adopted by the World Conference to Review and Appraise the Achievements of the United Nations Decade for Women: Equality, Development and Peace, Nairobi, Kenya, 15-26, July 1985. (Task Force Resource Exhibits)

UCSF AIDS Health Project, "Risks of Oral Sex", HIV Counselor Perspectives, Department of Health Services, March 1991. An article regarding HIV transmission and oral sex. (Task Force Resource Exhibits)

US PROStitutes Collective, "Prostitute Women Oppose Mandatory Testing," Gay Community News, August 21-Sept 3, 1988. (Task Force Resource Exhibits)

Velasco, Nellie, "Position Paper regarding issues related to young people working in the sex trades," Nelly Velasco, Street Survival Project. Outreach worker and peer educator Nelly Velasco presents a young woman's perspective on prostitution policy and issues. (Final Report: Task Force Testimony)

Violence in The Workplace. - Report compiled for the Commission on The Status of Women, includes materials from the Exotic Dancer's Alliance. (Task Force Resource Exhibits: Interim Report)

Visser, Jan et al., "Prostitution in The Netherlands: The Current State of Affairs," Paper from MR A. DE GRAAF STICHTING re: information about regulations incorporated in 1911 Dutch Penal Code, followed by the proposals that have been made to change codes and the failure of the law reform when the government refused to permit non-EC residents to obtain work permits to work in sex establishments on the same basis as other workers. (Task Force Resource Exhibits)

Vorenberg, James and Elizabeth , "The Biggest Pimp Of All, Prostitution and Some Facts of Life," The Atlantic Monthly, 1978. Describes legalization of third party systems around the world using the metaphor of "pimping" by the governments. Documents COYOTE history w/ Margo St. James. (Task Force Resource Exhibits)

Voting record of members of Senate Judiciary on SB 1884. (Task Force Resource Exhibits: Interim Report)
Weiss, Carol J., "Women and Chemical Dependency Stigma, Shame and Guilt, " Drug Policy Letter III (4)Fall 1991, Drug Policy Foundation, Fall 1991. (Final report: Health, Safety and Services Exhibits)

Weitzer, Ronald , "Community Groups Vs. Prostitutes," Gauntlet, Issue # 7, 1994, pp. 121-125. Describes issues of community groups as they respond to prostitution in several cities across the US including methods/campaigns to stop prostitution in neighborhoods. (Task Force Resource Exhibits)

Weitzer, Ronald, "New Conflicts Over The Oldest Profession," Gray Areas, Spring 1995, p. 52. Weizter chronicles neighborhood response to street prostitution as well as some of the recent proposals regarding prostitution law reform. (Task Force Resource Exhibits)

Weitzer, Ronald, "Prostitution: Alternative Policy Options," Brief survey of options for prostitution law reform . 2 pages (1993) (Task Force Resource Exhibits)

West, Rachel, "Report of Police Harassment of Prostitutes" from US PROStitutes Collective. (Task Force Resource Exhibits: Interim Report)

"What is Harm Reduction?", Harm Reduction Communication, Fall 1995, page 4. (Final report: Health, Safety and Services Exhibits)

"Women and HIV/AIDS," Center For Disease Control and Prevention, HIV/AIDS PREVENTION, Feb. 13, 1995. (Final report: Health, Safety and Services Exhibits)

Woods, Imani P., HPOB, HNIC, "Harm Reduction and The Black Community", Harm Reduction Communication , the Harm Reduction Coalition, San Francisco, Fall 1995. (Final report: Health, Safety and Services Exhibits)

"Working and the Law " Detailed, interesting manual for prostitutes, assembled by a prostitutes organization in New South Wales, Australia , discusses the laws in Australia and how they effect prostitutes. (Task Force Resource Exhibits)

"World Charter For Prostitutes' Rights ," International Committee For Prostitutes' Rights, includes charter from 1985, and Draft Statements from 2nd World Whores' Congress (1986) discussing issues such as feminism, occupational choice, alliance between women, sexual self-determination, healthy childhood development, migration, health, list of violation of human rights of prostitutes, lists laws and conditions in different counties. (15 pages) 1986. Included in both Sex Work, Cleis Press, 1987 and Vindication of The Rights of Whores, Seal Press, 1985. (Task Force Resource Exhibits)

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