San Francisco Task Force on Prostitution
Final Report 1996

San Francisco Service Providers List:
Compiled by BAY-SWAN

The agencies listed below provide services to sex workers and others in the street economy in San Francisco. The descriptions below indicate only some of the services provided by those agencies and organizations below, and are not meant to serve as a comprehensive list of services. As this is an introductory effort, there are other agencies not listed which will be added to the list in the future. (March 1996)

Listed as follows:
Outreach Areas
Site Based Services

  • A Woman's Place
    Women, Low Income, homeless, Crisis, Domestic and other violence
    Van Outreach, Hayes Valley, Tenderloin, Mission
    Low threshold shelter, drugs okay, support groups, case management,housing assist.

  • Asian AIDS Project
    Asian, API, transgender, Gay, Bi, Lesbian, HIV+, at risk
    Polk, Mission, Bars and Clubs, Community
    Workshops,groups, training, counseling, HIV

  • AIDS Health Project (mobile van testing)
    Mobil testing, Referrals

    Low income, Mission, homeless, Latino, Male and Female, Sex Workers
    Mission, volunteer, 16th and Mission
    Mostly on site based, case management, groups, housing and legal referrals,

  • Bayview-Hunter's Point Foundation
    BayView South East corridor, African American and Low Income
    Outreach in BayView Hunters Point, Street Base, HIV and other
    Caregivers groups, HIV+, women's support groups, case management, counseling, referral for substance, legal, testing in building, youth drama group and educational

  • Institute for Community Health Outreach
    Training outreach workers and supervisors, also program that does risk reduction workshops and counseling
    Programs within this agency (SOS) 4 outreach workers, Bayview, Sunnydale, Mission, Native American City Wide, HIV Prevention, other health
    counseling, referrals, planning a drop in group

    African American, primarily East Bay , HIV+, at risk
    Many neighborhoods Oakland, Berkeley, some van outreach, community networking, HIV Prevention
    Support groups, workshops , referral, counseling

    Recruit on basis of study-Diverse groups, 43 studies
    Some outreach for specific projects
    Behavioral Studies-about 10 local programs, collaboration w/service providers

  • Center For Southeast Asian Refugee Resettlement
    Asian Refugee and Immigrant
    massage parlor, some street, community networking
    Groups, case management, referrals

  • Central City Hosp. House
    youth, male and female
    Youth outreach
    Emer.shelter, housing assist, lunches,living skills, art workshops, referrals, counseling, substance counseling,case management, transitional, educational (GED)and employment assist.

  • Coalition on Prostitution
    Prostitutes late night Tenderloin-Geary/ O'Farell, some Capp Street, Women in prison
    Street, referrals condoms, police issues, legal referrals
    In service training, referrals

  • Collective Legal Services
    HIV+ women, women in criminal justice system, sex workers,
    Community networking no street outreach
    Legal workshops

  • Community United Against Violence
    Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Transgender

    Sex workers
    w/ Coalition on Prostitution
    Political Advocacy, support group, bad trick sheet, meetings, referrals for counseling

  • Exotic Dancers Alliance
    Community networking
    workshops, legal referals, educational forums, newsletter, political advocacy

  • Glide-Goodlett HIV/AIDS Project
    Tenderloin, homeless, low income, sex workers, African American.HIV+, at risk
    Outreach Tenderloin, 6th market up to Polk up to Sutter
    case management, free testing and counseling, HIV Prevention, confidential, drop in, support groups, Glide Church programs incl. jobs, computers, substance

  • Haight Ashbury Free Clinics. Inc.
    Outreach, IDU's High risk, serve all populations
    Various neighborhoods, Haight, Mission, TL, Hayes, more
    Presentations, In-service, condoms, case management referrals,, education materials,

  • Harm Reduction Coalition
    Anyone using licit or illicit substances that wants to reduce harm
    community organizing
    National umbrella for Harm Reduction, develop relationships between agencies and communities, develop outreach programs

  • Iris Center
    Low income, HIV+, substances
    Mission and other parts of San Francisco,
    Women's counseling, substance recovery acupuncture, rap group, vouchers, case-management, HIV Education

  • Larkin Street Youth Center
    Youth male and female
    youth outreach
    Support groups, crisis, substance groups and referrals, housing, HIV Education, drop in and outings

  • Lyon-Martin Women's Health Services
    Program for HIV+, Low income
    Latina, and others, Tenderloin and other neighborhoods
    Support groups, free med, full case management, counseling, therapy, nutritional, massage, transportation drop in, HIV+ , HIV+ methadone

  • New Leaf (formerly 18th St Services)
    gay and bi sexual men and everyone else, HIV+, at risk
    Substance issues, mental health
    Support groups, case management and individual counseling, testing, HIV prevention

  • PHREDA Project
    Pregnancy, Low Income, Women
    Community Outreach, some street and collaboration w/van
    counseling, referrals, support groups, case management, workshops

  • Prevention Point
    Injection drug users in city
    Needle exchange, workshops at women's site, street and at 2 indoor sites
    referrals for medical and social services

  • Promise
    Prostitutes (female), former prostitutes, other sex workers
    Tenderloin, Mission
    Primary services, and referrals, support groups, transitional service referrals, drop in

  • Proyecto Contra SIDA Por Vida
    Gay Lesbian Bi, Transgender mainly, also youth,HIV+, at risk
    Mission (located) and Polk outreach, TL
    Case management, cultural classes Colegio Contra SIDA, workshops, support groups Transgender, Latino men and women and youth

  • SF AIDS Foundation
    HIV+ and at risk
    Developing outreach project
    general medical referrals, counseling, case management

  • T*Ching
    Transgender, sex workers, low income, Asian and others,HIV+, at risk
    Polk Street, Mission
    Training service providers to do support groups, HIV and some drug rehab, self esteem, transition

  • Street Outreach Services
    homeless and others
    Van w/nurse, sometims podiatrist etc.,clothing, condoms, accompany to clinics, Bayview SOM, China Basin and others,
    Primarily administrative for member clinics and programs, managed care, lobbying, centralized functions

  • Street Survival Project
    Young women, low income and on their own, everyone on the street
    Various neighborhoods, sometimes van, collaborations w/other agencies
    Training for young women on their own, employment program, in service, self-defense

  • T.A.R.C, Tenderloin AIDS Resource Center.
    Low income, Transgender, HIV+, at risk, inner Tenderloin
    Tenderloin, Mission, Hayes Valley
    Support groups, case management, counseling, drug and alcohol groups and individual, educational

  • Tom Waddell Clinic
    Low income, homeless, sex workers,HIV+, at risk
    Street outreach primarily homeless
    Medical clinics, women's, Transgender , Drug/alcohol recovery, support groups,HIV services

  • US PROStitutes
    Mission, Tenderloin, other
    legal referrals and services, political advocacy

  • W.A.N. Women's AIDS Network
    HIV+ women and service providers
    Member groups do outreach
    Pubic policy $50 cash grant to HIV+ women annually, host monthly meetings for HIV+ women and service providers

  • W.O.R.L.D. Women Organized to Respond to Life threatening Diseases
    HIV+ women and supporters, friends, family
    Support groups for HIV+ women, referrals
    information and support, public awareness

  • Women's Needs Center
    Women-low income, HIV and at risk and others
    Mission, Tenderloin, Haight, Hayes Valley and others
    Case management, counseling, groups, referral

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