1. Making it with Mr. Love

all day long in bed with love, Mr. Love
and I love him and maybe he loves me too
I ' m feeling satisfied with my desire
and feeling that I won't be satisfied
really putting out
and not putting out that much for love, Mr. Love

and I ' m wanting, wanting more from him
wanting him to ask me how I feel and who I am
and stop talking so much about himself
and wanting him to stop asking me so many questions
and tell me who he is
wanting a little massage and more time spent
with his tongue on my nipples in my cunt

and asking and getting it
not asking and getting it
and not asking and not getting it
and asking and not getting it
until I am dizzy with frustration,
satisfaction and desire

I ' m thinking/always thinking

thinking he will/won't give more
thinking I do/don ' t want more
thinking whore/thinking l-am-loved
thinking rape/thinking enough
thinking broken heart/thinking forever
thinking love is just an illusion
so what am I doing in bed all day
with my desire for love, Mr. Love

while some women love/are loved by husbands
lesbians love/are loved by women
Helen Gurley Brown earns over a hundred thousand a year
my friends, the whores, earn at least a hundred a day
while Priscilla Alexander works hard for me
in the National Task Force on Prostitution
K. Barry and Millet remind me that I'm a victim

and I am in bed all day
entwined in what promises to become passion
doing my best blow jobs for love, Mr. Love
my body stretched towards pleasure
fucking holes in my bank account

when I could be out
out reading poems out taking classes out
making connections out fucking customers out
strengthening friendships out shopping out walking out
teaching out eating out succeeding out
being out reclaiming the world

Autobiography of a Whore: Table of Contents

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