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Masturbation Memoirs, Volume I & Volume II
by Scarlot Harlot and House O' Chicks-Dorrie Lane .

(Vol. I-30 minutes) Starring Scarlot, Dorrie Lane and Guadeloupe San Francisco
(Vol. II- 45 minutes) Starring Annie Sprinkle, Anna Marti and Juliet Carr aka Juliet Anderson.

"For me, the discussion of feminist porn is secondary to actually creating the imagery," says director and whore activist cum porn star Carol Leigh aka Scarlot Harlot.

In an groundbreaking exploration of sexual imagery from a "feminine" perspective, Masturbation Memoirs is uniquely lyric, comic and political, marking a new wave in women's pornography. In this first volume of a four volume series, three "middle aged" women tell their stories about early practices masturbating, followed by explicit, XXX-rated demonstrations.

Recontextualizing the pornographic image, each woman invokes her most familiar cultural context: Scarlot Harlot (300 pounds of porn star) masturbates amid images of Americana. Dorrie Lane (vulvagoddess) demonstrates her esoteric masturbatory skills including ejaculation, and beautiful Guadeloupe San Francisco descends from her virgin pedestal with the aid of a hi-tech Japanese vibrator. Produced by House O'Chicks; Directed by Carol Leigh; Edited by Carol Leigh and Dorrie Lane; Soundtrack by Sue Kasper; shot in VulvaVisionš. (1995)

2 Volumes (1 hr 10 minutes total), $39.95!
(Adults only)
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