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The First Sex Workers Guide: Nuts and Bolts, How and IF to....

Turning Pro:
A Guide to Sexwork for the Ambitious and the Intrigued
----$13.56 ( discount!)

An essential manual for anybody who's ever considered a career as a phone sex operator, escort, call girl, exotic dancer, adult film performer or any other kind of sex worker. The actual details of sex work; how to get a job, how to keep yourself safe, how much you can expect to make, how to plan your exit strategy, and more... as well as dozens of juicy anecdotes about life is like between the sheets.

Magdalene Meretrix has worked as a prostitute, escort, phone sex worker, professional submissive, and porn film actress. Her last full-time sex work job was in a legal Nevada brothel. She now works as a writer, paid escort and web page designer, and is an active advocate for sex workers' rights. Her articles have appeared in "Scarlet Letters" and "The Wyrmhole," and last year she chided Ann Landers in print for Ann's condescending attitude toward sex workers.

  • Author's Website: Meretrix Online

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