Bay Area Sex Workers Advocacy Network

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2. San Francisco Bay Area Sex Worker Resources

Please download the most recent resource guide from the St. James Infirmary

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For Los Angeles referrals to residential facilities, also see referrals.

3. Needs Assessment for At Risk Populations

The following paper summarizes a number of needs assessments of marginalized women including prostitutes. Prositutes are diverse, in terms of numerous factors from economic strata to race to abuse history. There is has been no accurate data as to the percentage of the populations of prostitutes these figures represent. In fact, such data is difficult to obtain due to the underground nature of prostitution.

These demographics and issues should not be assumed to represent demographics for 'prostitutes in general,' as they are gathered from the most marginalized populations. However, these summaries outline the needs and preferred treatment modalities for a number of populations of women who are part of street-economy communities in several cities.

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