It's Good/
.............../Bad To Be A Prostitute

What a luxurious apartment!
I have more money than anyone I know
Panoramic view pushbutton fireplace color TV stereo
All the time I need
All the inspiration I need

Selfish girl, greedy girl
Whore!!! Taking having eating
All the time I'm getting it


What did I do yesterday to make two hundred dollars?
I think I did a handjob for twenty-five he was pleasant and polite
I did a French for fifty with clothes on he was a creep
I fucked for a hundred and twenty-five when he asked how much
I said a hundred he didn't blink so I said that was just for a straight fuck
a hundred twenty-five for half and half I coulda got more

Oh shit everybody thinks I'm strange
Black lace garters come all over my face
Obscene phone calls dope police rape
Sellout! Sellout! Doing it cheap
For less than the promise of pleasure or love


Sophia Loren in Marriage, Italian style
Wise Xavier who is ugly and loves to fuck
Margo who barely did it
Virginia McManus, NOT FOR LOVE (New York: G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1960)
Mata Hari
Squirrel Tooth Annie from Dodge City
And all the brilliant prostitutes I know

Roget's Thesaurus
common prostitute, erring sister, fallen woman,
streetwalker, woman of the stews, brothel intimate;
hooker, hustler, casual conquest, harlot;
tart punk, chippy broad; laced mutton;
742 noun, see slave.


One man pays me fifty dollars
To give me a great Swedish massage
Till I'm perfectly ready and relaxed
He jerks me off licks and sucks my clit
And I have several deep orgasms

Now I'm living in a men' s world
Feel like I'm trapped in the wrong bathroom
Crying at five mommy daddy please help me
I won ' t be a bad girl Let me out


Scarlot says: It's not bad. Not that bad. Not as bad as you think.

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