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Exotic Dancers Alliance is a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization (Project of the Institute for Community Health Outreach) funded by private and public foundations, fund raising events, and community donations.

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Bay Area Community Resources

Asian Health Services
Provides primary care and health education services to female, male, and transgender sex workers, with a focus on Asian & Pacific Islander communities.
818 Webster Street, Oakland, CA 94607, (510) 986-6830, www.ahschc.org

Sasha Brodsky
Attorney at Law

1362 Pacific Avenue, Suite 219
Santa Cruz, CA 95062
(831) 429 1516 (831) 429 2075 (fax)
Email: sasha@sbrodskylaw.com

California Prevention Education Project (CAL-PEP)
Day Treatment Center for female sex workers provides case management and substance abuse treatment support services.
3223 Linden Street, Oakland, CA 94608, (510) 594-7469

Call Off Your Old Tired Ethics (C.O.Y.O.T.E.)
Sex Worker's rights and education organization working for the rights of all sex workers: strippers, professional dominants and submissive, phone sex operators, models, porn stars, escorts, etc.
2269 Chestnut Street, #452, San Francisco, CA 94123, (415) 751-1659

Commission on the Status of Women
Handles administrative complaints regarding gender discrimination and sexual harassment. Job Library open from 10:00am-4:00pm, Monday through Friday.
25 Van Ness Avenue, Suite 130, San Francisco, CA 94102, (415) 252-2570

Cyprian Guild
Maintains and distributes "dirty tricks list" for Bay Area sex workers; facilitates social and business networking and occasional events for current and/or transitioning sex workers.
P.O. Box 423145, San Francisco, CA 94142, (415) 292-3242

Monthly zine for sex workers, health education, Miss Mona's Rack.
(503) 234-9615, www.danzine.org

Employment Law Center
Workers' Rights Clinic provides information, telephone and scheduled consultations regarding employment and other legal issues.
1663 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94102, (415) 864-8208, www.employmentlawcenter.org

Equal Rights Advocates
Provides legal assistance regarding sexual harassment and discrimination.
1663 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94102, (415) 621-0672, www.equalrights.org

Exotic Dancer's Alliance of Ontario
Builds public awareness about equality initiatives and exotic dancers' achievements; provides information, referrals, and services for exotic dancers; distributes quarterly newsletter; facilitates the process of dancers coming together in a safe, non-threatening & non-judgmental environment.
360 Bloor Street West, Suite 200, Toronto, Ontario, M5S 1X1, 416-410-2958, eda@becon.org

San Francisco Women Against Rape (SFWAR)
Provides free and confidential services including the following:
24-hour crisis hotline (415) 647-7273
Medical & legal advocacy; In-person counseling; Support groups; Self-defense classes; Rape prevention and education for teens & adults. 3543 18th Street, #7, San Francisco, CA 94110, (415) 861-2024

If you would like to be listed in the community resources section, please contact E.D.A.


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