Is anyone sick of paying for the "priviledge" of working as a stripper? Management is abusing dancers' labor and rights. And they'll continue to until we say NO!

It's fucked up that WE HAVE TO PAY TO WORK regardless of whether you're an Employee or an “Independent Contractor.” I don't know of any other employee situation where they pay to keep their jobs. Employees such Managers, DJs, Bouncers, Bartenders, Waitresses, Security, Janitors, and other paid staff at the strip clubs don't pay to work. So why the fuck are dancers PAYING to provide entertainment?

There's nothing morally wrong in providing adult entertainment, but the reality is that club owners are greedy pigs and are treating dancers like shit and abuse our labor and services. Is anyone else fucking sick and tired of this abuse?

(check ALL that apply)

Paying Stage Fees, Rent, Commissions, Booking Fees [ALL ILLEGAL, by the way] or whatever management decides to call their cut/Pimp Fees?

It is ILLEGAL for an employer to take any portion of an employee's TIPS.

TIPS: Any $$$ that dancers receive directly from customers whether it’s on stage, in a private show (lapdancing, tabledancing, sex toy shows, etc.).

PIMP FEES: Any $$$ that management takes from dancers including Stage Fees, Rent, Commissions, Booking Fees, Penalties, Cancellation or Late Fees, Mandatory “tips” to the DJs, Bouncers, Waiters, Security, etc.

Does management short change your pay checks?

An employer is required by law to pay an employee in full for all hours worked. Make sure to keep track of your hours, and/or shifts you work and make written report to the manager & whoever does payroll. When you get fired, they are required to pay all your unpaid hours in full. There are penalty fees an employer must pay if he fails to do so.

Mandatory attendance, participation and/or labor (ex. going to management-initiated meetings, Roll Call, 2-for-1 Lapdances, Bachelor, Birthday Party, Blue Light, Ultra Room, Green Door, etc.) without pay and/or at the risk of being fined, suspended, and/or fired for not doing so? Employers are required to pay employees to attend mandatory meetings.

Girlfriends, get paid! Hello....

Working as an “independent contractor” but putting up with management telling you how and how much to charge for your interactions with customers?

If you're truly an independent contractor, you could charge whatever you want and come & go as you please.

Have you had to borrow $ from other dancers, “owe” management the next shift you worked or bring in your own $ in case you don't make your “quota” or commission?

It is ILLEGAL for an employer to have an employee pay “commissions” out of their own pockets or to OWE the employer by making up the difference the next shift worked.

Do you feel pressured to let customers finger, fondle, suck or fuck you in order to come up with management's cut?

Management's pimping systems are forcing dancers into prostitution in order to come up with outrageous fees. If a woman feels secure enough with her sexual boundaries to do prostitution, more power to her. Ladies, just take it outside the club to a more appropriate place, get paid, have safe sex, and enjoy your earnings. All of these clubs are supposed to be strip clubs. Not massage parlors, brothels, etc. Even one dancer doing prostitution effects every other dancer in that club because customers begin expecting that of every other dancer ("Well, X gave me full service for $100, why can't you?").

Being a Scab, Narc, Brown-noser, and/or sucking the Boss's dick in order to keep your job?

Stressing about being randomly fired?

Having to do unsafe sex acts with other dancers without adequate latex protection because Management says it's "sexier"?

Being sexually harassed by the Management, Customers, and/or Staff?

Inadequate safety and security to protect dancers from sexual, verbal, and physical assault by Customers and/or Management?

Tolerating Management's’ Racist, Sexist, Ageist & Homophobic Attitudes and Policies?

Medicating yourself with Alcohol and/or Drugs so you can deal with work?

Subjected to Unsanitary and/or Unsafe Work Areas, Private Rooms, Dressing Rooms, Bathrooms, etc.?


If you've checked ANY boxes, you might:

A: Consider joining those of us trying to do something to change this fucked up situation. Dancers, we need to get our shit together and organize both within our specific clubs with dancers at other clubs. Anonymous dancers testimonies are needed to document current working conditions in all clubs. (You don't need to include your name--real or stage). Contact us @:

Exotic Dancers Union (EDU)
c/o Service Employees Int’l. Union (SEIU)
P.O. Box 420237
San Francisco CA 94042-0237
(510)465-0122 x 461

Exotic Dancers Alliance (EDA)
2215-R Market St. Suite #186
San Francisco CA 94114
Monthly meetings: 1st Tuesday form 5:30pm to 7pm
Fox Plaza ,1390 Market St.(9th &10th),11th Flr

B: Be working @ one or more of the following clubs: Century, Regal, Mitchell Bros., Market St. Cinema, Crazy Horse, Gold Club, Chez Paree, Temptations, Nob Hill Lingerie, Deja Vu/Centerfolds, Garden of Eden, Barbary Coast, Roaring 20’s. Every one of these clubs is in violation of dancers’ rights and labor.

If you DIDN'T check any of the boxes, you might be:  

A. In DENIAL and continue being a Drone, a Scab, or a Stepford Stripper. Women are taught to serve men and never question and challenge mens’ fucked-up rules and attitudes towards women (misogyny) and over OUR bodies. Sitting around in the dressing room complaining about how shitty things are gets tired after a while. Management deliberately chooses not to acknowledge dancers’ rights because they're busy getting rich off our sweat and pussy juices. Its about time that we women take back control of our bodies and our business. Regardless of whether you're an employee or an “independent contractor”, you have a right to fair, healthy, and tolerable work conditions.

B. Shaking your groove thang @ the Lusty Lady, SF. Girlfriends got it together to organize for their rights for tolerable working conditions. Today, the LLs and their dancer reps (shop stewards) sit across the table from management when policies or rules are being made effecting dancers. The Lusty Ladies are FIERCE because they OWN THEIR POWER.