Governor Davis signs bill supporting exotic dancers!

On Friday, September 29, 2000, Governor Gray Davis signed Assembly Bill 2509 (Authored by Assemblyman Steinberg). A.B. 2509 improves enforcement and administrative procedures of wage and hour laws before the Labor Commissioner and the courts, and increases civil penalties and damages for violations. The bill will be in effect as of January 1, 2001.

A.B. 2509 classifies exotic dancers as employees, and entitles them to keep their gratuities (“tips) from patrons. Under existing labor laws, employers can’t take gratuities intended for the employee or deduct or credit gratuities against wages due.

Owners who require the payment of “stage fees,” “commissions,” or ”quotas” from any portion of dancers’ tips will be in violation of State labor laws. Dancers can file a claim with the Labor Commission and request the return of paid fees and any unpaid wages (you can go back 3 years from the date that you file your claim), or make an anonymous report to the Labor Commission that their employer is charging fees and taking money from dancers’ tips.

State of California Labor Commission: 455 Golden Gate Avenue, (415) 557-7878

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