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Our mission is to address the lack of civil, human and labor rights on behalf of exotic dancers and other sex industry workers. Our primary objective is to support all sex industry workers by providing information, referrals and non-judgmental, empowerment-based services while collectively advocating for sufficient working conditions for everyone including Asian, Black, Latina, Native American communities and other people of color; lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning individuals; persons with disabilities; low-income women, and those who may have barriers accessing services.



devil's puppetIn May 1993, a meeting for performers at the Market Street Cinema, an adult entertainment theater in San Francisco, was organized by Dawn Passar and Johanna Breyer in response to sub-standard working conditions, including payment of "stage fees" and health and safety issues. Due to the numerous concerns presented by dancers during the first meeting, a series of regular meetings was scheduled thereafter to address various civil, human and labor rights issues of sex industry workers and the mission and development of Exotic Dancers Alliance was formalized. Presently, Exotic Dancers Alliance advocates on behalf of exotic dancers and other sex industry workers locally, nationally and internationally, promoting the decriminalization of prostitution and de-stigmatization of all sex industry workers.



Since May of 1993, Exotic Dancers Alliance has provided information, referrals and advocacy services to over 500 current or former exotic dancers through general meetings, individual consults, public speaking forums and mailings. In addition we have contacted over 500 individuals, service providers and/or agencies through general mailings, collaborative projects and social events in an attempt to obtain support from the general public throughout our endeavors.
The list of accomplishments starts with the most recent events.

July 2001 EDA receives grant award from Unitarian Universalist Funding Program.
June 2001 St. James Infirmary celebrated our 2 year anniversary.
May 2001 Participated in San Francisco Sex Worker Film Festival.
April 2001
Participated in meeting with San Francisco Department of Public Health Environmental Health and STD Prevention regarding outreach to adult entertainment theaters.

February 2001

Participated in panel discussion at screening of "Live Nude Girls UNITE!" at the University of California at Berkeley, Boalt Hall School of Law.
January 2001 A.B. 2509 becomes effective. Owners who require the payment of "stage fees," "commissions," or "quotas" from any portion of dancers' tips will be in violation of California State labor laws.
October 2000
Participated in panel presentation on sex industry workers at Institute for Community Health Outreach.

October 2000

Participated in panel discussion during the screening of "Live Nude Girls UNITE!" at the Roxie Theater in San Francisco.
September 2000 California Governor Gray Davis signs Assembly Bill 2509 (Authored by Assemblyman Steinberg), which improves enforcement and administrative procedures of wage and hour laws before the Labor Commissioner and the courts, and increases civil penalties and damages for violations. A.B. 2509 classifies exotic dancers as employees, and entitles them to keep their cash gratuities ("tips) from patrons.

April 2000

Testified in support of AB 2509 amending State labor codes to prohibit management from receiving any portion of exotic dancer's cash gratuities in front of the State Assembly Labor Committee.

February 2000

Participated in meeting with Chief of Staff, Department of Industrial Relations Division of Occupational Safety and Health regarding improving current working conditions for exotic dancers.

February 2000

Conducted presentation for CORO (A Foundation for leadership) class members.

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EDA founders: Johanna Breyer and Dawn PassarE.D.A. ADVISORY COMMITTEE

The Advisory Committee for E.D.A. is comprised of a minimum of five and a maximum of nine individuals who work or have worked in the sex industry, or provide direct services to sex industry workers. The Advisory Committee members assist with program activities and ensure that the organizational mission and guiding principles are upheld.


Johanna Breyer, MSW, Co-founder
Dawn Passar, MFA, Co-founder
Michael Aldrich, PhD
Tallulah Bankheist
Siobhan Brooks
Gina Gold
Margo St. James
Kristina Z.



Consultants are recruited based on program or staff needs and are hired for a specific job and are compensated upon completion of projects. Advisory committee must approve all recruitment of consultants as well as description of project needs.



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