After Effects of M. Silbert's Study


Negative Images
After being interviewed on "Prostitution and Sexual Assault'' for Mimi Silbert's study
It's Not That Bad
Whore Sucks Cock

She asks: Did you ever try to hurt yourself?
As a child were you ever physically abused?
What are the advantages/disadvantages of prostitution?

Scarlot says: It's not bad. Not that bad. Not as bad as you think.

Negative image: Dirty girl smudged make-up black gunk in cunt sucks dark ugly cock foul smell chokes on cum how can you stand it yuk?

It's not like that. I make them take showers, ask them to warn me before they cum.

She asks: Are you okay? Is it too rough?

Negative image: V.D. whore pimp beats her up needs it wants it shoots shit in veins haven't you had enough?


Autobiography of a Whore: Table of Contents

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