San Francisco Task Force on Prostitution
Final Report 1996

Prostitution Task Force
Sex Workers' Issues Testimony Meeting-Dawn Passar

I just want to add there is one more woman who came forward to file with the Labor Commission, and one more is on the way so that's four in one year. I don't understand why they have to wait for the women to come foreword when they have all the evidence in the file to go ahead and audit these clubs. But for the future, there are many more clubs that open, and more in the process of getting licensing to open and I would urge the Task Force to help to see that these places comply with the regulations in labor issues and health and safety.

It's not going to come from the dancers, because it's difficult. Dancers or stripper organizations have attempted to organize, but since 1982 when I started dancing here I haven't seen much success. Exotic Dancer's Alliance is a grassroots organization and a non-profit. We have support from NOW, from COYOTE, from COP, from Asian AIDS Project, from SEIU, the Commission on The Status of Women, and that for those people who supported us, it has helped us exist today. My friends have tried many times to organize dancers, and have failed. It is very hard population to try to organize. The women need the money. I surely did. I can speak from an immigrant woman's point of view. I was a single parent, and so on. To me, I think when you try to work in this job and try to get to another level, either going to school, or just trying to survive, women should be paid for the work we do. Men are paid when they work at strip clubs, but not women. I don't see why women are not paid.

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