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Just Sign on The Dotted Line: The Anti Prostitution Loyalty Oath

This video, narrated by Cosi Fabian, presents a history of a policy regulating provision of foreign aid. The policy requires that recipients of USAID funds sign an oath that they will not support sex workers' rights. This policy is a telling example of how the U.S. exports repressive ideologies through conditions set for foreign aid recipients. Video by Carol Leigh (12 min.-2012).

Blind Eye To Justice: HIV + Women In California Prisons

Narrated by Angela Davis, this experimental documentary is unique as it portrays the injustices of the California prison system as seen through the eyes of HIV+ women incarcerated in this system. "Blind Eye To Justice" was named by Twillah Wallace, a current inmate and HIV+ woman. Featuring a guest appearance by Rachel Maddow, animation and found footage create a powerful montage that evokes the atmosphere in women's prisons--the violations as well as the hope and courage of prison activists who fight quietly, and from the inside. Video by Carol Leigh (35 min. 1998).
G.HO.S.T.*-Pt 1- *Grand Homosexual Outrage at Sickening Televangelists

Spiritual Warfare- The G.H.O.S.T. Campaign-Documents the Halloween confrontation as televangelist Larry Lea and his prayer warriors invade San Francisco to exorcise the demons from the Bay Area. Includes TV news, in your face interviews, and street theater by the Pink Jesus (Glibert Baker), Sadie, Sadie, The Rabbi Lady,(Gli Block) and Ms. Harlot (Carol Leigh), dancing nude with a live snake. Wild and shaky! Video by Carol Leigh (28 min.-1990). Part 2, Part 3
Sorry Your Grandma Was Mugged-I Was Busy Arresting A Hooker

A short comedy about the trial of Starchild, the 'Million Dollar Male Escort.' which chronicles a street theater protest by Sex Worker Outreach Project-USA starring Robyn Few, Scarlot Harlot, Dee Dee Russell, Peter Keyes and Vanessa Nelson. Video by Carol Leigh (6 min.-2007).

Burnout, A Sex Worker Rights Music Video

This sex worker anthem stars Courtney Trouble. The video reflects a personal and a political story that reaches out to individuals and organizations which resist discrimination and work towards social justice and human rights for sex workers.
"It's just like anything else, it's just a job, but we've got the guts to profit off our own skin. They won't acknowledge us until we own enough to control it. They won't respect us until we give them no other choice." Video by Scarlot Harlot and Courtney Trouble (5 min.-2009).
Mother's Mink

Animated comedy starring famous prostitute, Carol Leigh (Scarlot Harlot) and her mom, about Leigh's efforts to obtain respectability as an artist, and to secure funding for a video about her mother's mink. In a parallel tale, Leigh's mom (and co-star) Augusta reminisces about how she "saved and suffered" to buy a mink stole to impress her mother. Video by Carol Leigh (16 min.-1994).
Outlaw Poverty, Not Prostitutes

This documentary of the 1989 World Whores' Summit in San Francisco features prostitutes and activists from around the globe discussing human rights as they effect prostitutes. Video by Carol Leigh (23 min.-1992 revision).

Safe Sex Slut by Scarlot Harlot

Safe sex anthem, music video with Scarlot Harlot singing, "The bedroom is the last frontier. Condoms leave a souvenier!" Lyrics and music by Scarlot Harlot, performed by Roberto Dario. Video by Carol Leigh and T.W.I.T. Tucson Western International Television (4 min.-1987).

Scarlot and P.O.N.Y. (Prostitutes of New York) engage in civil disobedience on Wall Street.(15 min). video by Carol Leigh and Maria Beatty (15 min.-1991). Also see: Part 2, Part 3.
Yes Means Yes by Dee Dee Russell and Scarlot Harlot

Powerful, interracial date rape drama with performance artist, Dee Russell. Directed by Dee Dee Russell and Scarlot Harlot. Written by Dee Dee Russell. Shot and Edited by Scarlot Harlot. A ground breaking portrayal of sexual assault and a sharp satire on interracial sexual perceptions. "Best of the (Mill Valley) festival," said the SENTINEL and S.F. WEEKLY Winner First prize for fiction in Visions of US, administered by THE AMERICAN FILM INSTITUTE. (8 min-1990).
Just Say No To Mandatory Testing of Prostitutes

This 1988 video documents a campaign by against mandatory HIV testing (and felony charges) of prostitutes organized by Leigh with THE AIDS ACTION PLEDGE (precursor to ACT UP). Participants include Priscilla Alexander, Bobbie Lily, Keith Hemm, Hank Tavera, Keith Griffith and a broken promise and lie by Willie Brown. Cameo of Valerie Scott. Video by Carol Leigh (28 min.-1988).
Come Out Hollywood: You Can’t Be Too Fabulous

Scarlot Harlot, Sadie, Sadie the Rabbi Lady and Chanel 2001 (Gilbert Baker) drove down to Los Angeles to attend the Academy Awards in1989. This theatrical romp was reported by the Los Angeles Times. The ensemble explains to the other fans in that stands that they were prostitutes and homosexuals, telling Hollywood to fess up. Video by Carol Leigh
(12 min.-1989).