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Thoroughly Modern Madam: 5Thoroughly Modern Madam-
an interview with Rebecca Rand (part 5)

Alot of what's wrong with Nevada is not necessarily the management, it's the laws, that the women have to live there. They can't live in town and have an apartment and go to work every day. They totally keep them separate from interacting with the community or any sense that they live there. Don't you think that it's probably unconstitutional to lock them up like that?

Definitely. And nobody is challenging it. That where I think our law reform has to take place, in the courts, not predominantly in the legislatures. I heard that local options can results in all sorts of breaches of civil liberties of women. Most of the laws that might be passed should be knocked down in the court, and we won't have the resources. It might be best to work on public opinion which can influence judicial decisions and litigational challenges to current laws.

They haven't been very receptive so far.

Anyway, I have to wind this down. Why don't you join the National Task Force on Prostitution?

Well, I'll think about it.

I guess that's enough. Thanks so much, Rebecca.