Prostitutes of New York

PO Box 174
Cooper Station
NYC, 10276-0174

Telephone: (212) 713-5678

PONY is a support and advocacy group for all people in the sex industry. We welcome all current or former sex workers, including male, female or TS/TV prostitutes, erotic dancers, nude models, x-rated actors, peep show performers, phone sex workers, S&M/B&D professionals, strippers, madams, and so on.

PONY advocates the decriminalization of prostitution and calls for an end to illegal police activity -- such as street sweeps -- in the enforcement of existing laws.

PONY provides legal and health referrals to sex workers. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide free legal services. However, our members share information about competent, trustworthy and ethical lawyers who understand the special concerns of sex workers. PONY also encourages members to recommend doctors, therapists and other professionals who provide quality service to sex workers.

PONY works to bring all people from different areas of the sex industry together. We encourage all people who sell sex or profit from sex to learn about the diversity of their industry, to promote professional standards within their sector, and to learn more about the history of the world's oldest profession (and its allied industries).

PONY encourages you to share your views -- and voice your differences -- on all issues and topics with other sex workers.

PONY (& Friends) is a broader organization for anyone who supports the rights of sex workers. We welcome the support of johns, feminists and others who care about legal change. Please remember that PONY is NOT an employment service or a referral service for prostitutes or their customers. Thank you.