For immediate Release:07/24/2012


Event:Scarlot Harlot and Mariko Passion at IAC 2012 in “Star Whores Go

Intergalactic” with Minerva, artists from and many more. Live

transmission from the Sex Worker Freedom Festival  IAC Hub in Kolkata

Contact: Carol Leigh:  415-751-1659

Date: Wednesday, July 25th

Time: 11 am

Location:   Global Village Main Stage




US government travel restrictions for sex workers and drug users means

that many sex workers have not been able, or did  not want to go to the

IAC in Washington this year.  There is an international gathering of sex

workers happening at the  IAC  hub in India, the Sex Worker Freedom

Festival,  and we will connect with them digitally for this interactive

live performance across the globe with artists including Minerva and many

more from  Empower Foundation,  Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers, and

more  “Star Whores.”  Image at


"Bad Laws" based on Donna Summer “Bad Girls” by Scarlot Harlot


Bad laws, talking 'bout bad, bad laws, bad laws.

I am talking about the kind of laws that only give medicine to the rich.

I'm talking about the kind of laws that criminalize the poor and queer.

I'm talking about "an epidemic of bad laws that is costing lives," says

Commissioner Mogae from The Global Commission on HIV and The Law..


See them doing it in broad daylight,

Hoping they don't catch the latest blight.

They don't get laid 'cause their butts are too tight.

And so they make it a crime.


You ask yourself, 'Just who do they think they are?'

They come from California, Sweden, Qatar

And they are make bad laws, bad laws.

After they had a good time.


Our politicians tell your NGOs

We'll shut you down if you're too nice to ho's

When they say rescue, everybody knows,

They mean you're gonna do time.


You ask yourself, 'Just who they think they are?'

And while you're wondering, the US Greedy Empire

turns you away at the borders, allows fundamentalist moralists to control

foreign policy, raids the resources of the planet, makes harm reduction

grounds for defunding,

Yes, they make bad laws.


Bad laws, bad laws. All they do is add laws. They-just-make-us-mad laws.


Celebrities get twitter fans and fame

by treating us with ignorance and shame

I hate to say it but I think you're lame,

you hypocritical slime!


You ask yourself, just who they think they are?

With six suspensions from the California Bar,

They make bad laws... bad, bad, bad, bad laws.


Now I tell you what I'm gonna do.

I'm gonna get myself a new tattoo

Sex Work is work! We're telling you

Repeal those bad laws, bad laws, bad, bad laws.


Lock your date in quarantine?

Look who's talking, Mr. Clean.