Love Art Laboratory, Peep Show and Personal Service Auction for Carol Queen’s Birthday and Benefit for Dixie*
*Carol Queen and Robert’s beloved truck, Dixie, badly smashed by a hit and run driver

featuring Annie Sprinkle, Elizabeth Stephens, Lady Monster, Mint Julep, Shanda-Leer,
Sadie Lune, Scarlot Harlot, Dee Dee Russell, Charlie Anders, Melinda Adams and more!

• Visit Annie Sprinkle and Elizabeth Stephens famous interactive "Cuddle,"
from "Love Art Laboratory" where art patrons can cuddle between them.
• Service Auction- Bid on a lap dance, massage, or other personal services for the evening!
• Peep Show-Bid on a private show or a peek behind the curtain

Saturday, July 16 8-11 PM
Donation: $10-$100 and all funds raised go to the revival of Dixie (the truck, not the south)
Location: Center for Sex and Culture/Epicenter Gallery 398 11th St., San Francisco

Volunteer & info: performers, services to auction, donors, artists and more. 415-751-1659.

If you prefer, you can donate through PAYPAL at http://www.carolqueen/com/dixierevival

Party and play at the Love Art Laboratory/Peep Show/Auction

where you can bid on a range of exciting treats and celebrate Carol Queen's Birthday!
Join us for this fun, provocative and lucrative evening as we raise the roof and the funds for Dixie (the truck).

More About the Dixie Revival

On June 16th in the middle of the night, someone actually smashed Carol Queen and Robert’s beloved truck, Dixie, when it was parked on the street. Carol and Robert were not in it, so they were not injured, but it was a hit and run accident, so there is no insurance to cover it. Dixie is truly a great truck, and she has done much volunteer work for the Center for Sex and Culture, carting around everything from food to furniture. She is very progressive and a hard worker.
Dixie (her actual name) is a very historic truck! Reportedly she was once owned by a lesbian attorney couple who helped win Lawrence vs. Texas. The owner before Carol and Robert was a public interest attorney who defended the elderly against fraud.

The damages total to Dixie over $5,000 and it cost nearly $2,000.00 to get her running again. After that Robert will try to do the remaining work. They need this truck to keep the Center for Sex and Culture running, of course. Founding and running the CSC has been a labor of love for them; neither Carol nor Robert gets any kind of payment from that work. Robert’s on disability and Carol handles the rest of their bills with her freelance work and her half-time job at Good Vibrations.