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Exotic Dancers' Alliance-Archives
The Exotic Dancers Alliance was a co-founding organization of BAYSWAN. Although the EDA organization and website no longer provides services and info, below are some links about dancers' rights and issues:

Archive of Original Exotic Dancers' Alliance Website

Laws To Know- From Exotic Dancers' Alliance Website


Exotic Dancer Organizations (please forward the name of your local organization)

The Lusty Lady: San Francisco's Unionized, worker owned Peep Show, As Seen on TV (Showtime) in Live Nude Girls Unite!

Exotic Dancers Union

Stripper Literature

Strip City: A Stripper's Farewell Journey Across America
One of Salon.com's Best Books of 2001.One of Entertainment Weekly's Best Books of 2001.

Labor organizing In The Skin Trade
Tales of a Peep Sow Prole

Dancer News

The Unionisation of Sex Workers: Issue 13 6-04

Strippers Petition to Paw Patrons-8-07

Saving women from themselves: Private Booths in San Francisco-9-06
Also Bad Legislation

Strippers of the world unite -6-03

Australian Stripper's Union, Sex workers get legal rights 6-06

Exotic Dancers Face Real Dangers-7-06

Temporary Work Permit Program For Exotic Dancers-2-05


Academic: Journal Articles and Reports

Sex worker unionisation: an exploratory study of emerging collective organisation
Gregor Gall, Industrial Relations Journal, Vol. 38, No. 1, pp. 70-88, January 2007
featuring: Striptease Artists of Australia

Sex Worker's Rights and Media Ethics: Notes for Journalists
by Jo Weldon, Director


Stripper/Dancer/Performer Resource Websites (Note: These resources have not been reviewed.)

StarLight Ministries- An outreach ministry to exotic dancers

Stripper Services- Stripper agency

LA Hunks-Los Angeles Male Strippers -Stripper Agency

Work and tax information EU-Strip Magazine

Parents in Adult -a variety of excellent resources and support for those with children who work in adult industries.


Dancer/Stripper Magazines and Sites

Strip Magazine-Europe

Spread Magazine