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Follow this link to Prostitutes Education Network for materials below, links to book reviews for research and papers, plus the most comprehensive information about prostitution on the Web.

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Below is a list of some of the materials available on PENet.

1. Prostitution Law Reform: Defining Terms-Legalization, decriminalization and abolition. Defining terms.
2. Prostitution in The United States, The Statistics-Compiled by PENet.
3. International Prostitution Issues- News stories and other accounts
4. Prostitution and Health- Harm Reduction and other services by and for prostitutes, studies and research
5. World Charter For Prostitutes' Rights-International Committee for Prostitutes' Rights, World Charter
6. National Task Force on Prostitution
- Information about the mission of the National Task Force on Prostitution.
- CDC Summaries- Material specifically addressing issues of AIDS and prostitution.

-Bibliography- Compiled by Priscilla Alexander
7. Pony Forum- Supporters of prostitutes rights can contact Prostitutes' of New York through the PONY Forum.
8. San Francisco Task Force on Prostitution reports- Reports include local information regarding jail statistics, violence against women and prostitutes, human rights and prostitution, and Task Force legislation.
9. Police Abuse and Prostitution- Reports about police abuse of prostitutes in San Francisco.
10. Prostitution and Coercion- Defining coercion, current legislation addressing coercion.
11. PENet Video Library - Available videos by and about sex workers, about prostitutes rights, health and safety issues, sex workers as AIDS educators and more.
12. Materials and articles about Trafficking- Resolution For The Decriminalization of Prostitution Regarding Immigrant Issues(Created by Asian AIDS Project in San Francisco), UN Platform for Action- items re: prostitution and pornography, Articles on Trafficking from a prostitutes' rights perspective.
13. Exotic Dancer's Alliance Bulletin- Information about U.S. laws regarding independent contractor vs. employee status, a central issue regarding labor rights of dancers across the U.S. and prostitutes working in legal brothels in Nevada.
14. Stories and Poems by Scarlot Harlot-Literary efforts, poems and prose, describe the life of call girl/activist Carol Leigh.
15. Prostitution, Sex Radical and other books for student research, etc.