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Prostitution Issues: Sex Work and Related Resources on The Net
Most of the materials below are from an academic, political or sex workers' perspective. Information from a client's perspective about prostitution is available through web searches and usenet groups.

Legal information concerning prostitution on the internet.

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Prostitution and The Law
  • Sex Laws
  • Crimes of Prostitution-This site basically collects links emphasis on law.

    Feminism and Prostitution: Individual Perspectives
  • Andrea Dworkin Web Site
  • Camille Paglia Interview
  • Anti-Trafficking/Anti-Prostitution Perspective
  • Patpong Sisters

    Stop The War On The Poor:
    Law and Policy Reform, Women and Labor Issues and Harm Reduction

  • Crossroads Women's Center: Issues include: Prostitution, Global Strike, Women and Labor, Racism, Disabilities, Lesbian Rights
  • Dutch Harm Reduction
  • Harm Reduction Perspective on Youth and Survival
  • Stop Prisoner Rape
  • Drug Policy Reform Coordination Network
  • Lifeline : Drug Issues , United Kingdom
  • Police Accountability: N-COPA Home Page

    Youth Rescue-Oriented Services
  • Children on The Night, Los Angeles

    Sex Workers in Cyberspace

    Over 18 years old only! If you are under 18, go here!

  • Alysabeth's Feminist Stripper Site
  • Annie Sprinkle's Home Page
  • The Scene
  • Mistress Madison's Slave CAVE
  • The Original Happy Hooker, Xaviera Hollander
  • Ona Zee Productions
  • Welcome to the World of Scarlot Harlot
  • Margo St. James, 'STREETWISE' Television Show
  • SWAV-Sex Workers Alliance of Vancouver
  • Meretrix Online

    Toys, Writing, Movies and Sex info
  • Dark Lady
  • Sex Information, Chick Style, by the House O' Chicks
  • My Sex Life Online:sexual health, sexual pleasure, and sexual rights
  • Adult Entertainment News Site
  • The Blowfish Home Page
  • San Francisco Bay Area sexuality resources
  • Hooker Heroes: Literary Site
  • The Society for Human Sexuality

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